Ocean Alexander : great beauty and engineering

Every yacht is made is a dream made real. An object of great beauty and an engineering marvel all at the same time. But does a beautiful boat seem as perfect if you find yourself in an unforgiving sea? Or half a world away from home? Company is obsessed with proving that our yachts’ unmistakable splendor and engineering excellence will never fail you. We’re fanatical about performance. Gripped with the idea that any object this wondrous and rare deserves to be constantly examined and refined. Every  yacht is the product of passionate people infused with tremendous talent. We know your yacht may be the greatest infatuation of your life because it’s the greatest infatuation of our own.

A touch of history

In 1977, Alex Chueh gave companay his name, his steely endurance and his insistence on engineering that leads the industry. Today, the first boats he produced sell for triple their original price.

Now under the direction of Alex’s son, Johnny Chueh, Ocean Alexander creates revolutionary ideas, astonishing beauty and luxury — never compromising its high engineering principles. They has built its early Taiwan roots into U.S. manufacturing, worldwide service, and strong alliances with the finest architects and designers in the world.


Company began by building the Mark I, still a sought-after classic that defined our early signature look and impeccable engineering.


The company’s 71-footer, Night Hawk, was a custom yacht that set a size record for Asian boatbuilding.


We double the size of our production facility.


Our factory attains prestigious ISO-9002 certification for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.


Company becomes one of the first boatmakers in the world to use vacuum infusion to solidify and strengthen our fiberglass components.


We crown our previous boatbuilding achievements with our first 100-foot megayacht.


Replacing our meticulously applied gelcoat exterior with a superior, highly protective aircraft-standard polyurethane skin.


Company resets the industry with the new 120, a groundbreaking collaboration with designer Evan K. Marshall.


Showboats International magazine acclaims USA company as one of the top five superyacht builders in the world.


Grand opening of our U.S. factory on Merritt Island, Florida, and build the first 70e.