Evo yachts

Where everything is transformed

In search of the unexpected

The idea of EVO Yachts was born in 2014 from a fortunate encounter between Blu Emme Yachts and the Neapolitan yacht designer Valerio Rivellini.

We were both animated by a simple goal: finding the perfect balance between sleek and functional. In one word, unexpected

Blu Emme Yachts

The Idea.

The heart and entrepreneurship that kick-started EVO Yachts originated from Blu Emme Yachts, a luxury yachts refitting company. Blu Emme was created in 2013 by the Mercuri brothers, a family whose entrepreneurial experience spans different industries.

Born to be a game-change

The Mercuri family aimed to create something exciting that could shake the yachting market, where they saw few innovations.

So they gave birth to their unique mix of passion, creativity, technological and engineering research and Italian yacht design.

EVO transformable yachts are becoming a game-changer for their unexpected spaces and useful features, for their exciting and eye-catching look, designed and made in Italy with high-quality materials.

A perfect mix of style and innovationIt took EVO only a few years to become one of the most anticipated brands at boat shows, a yachting firm that perfectly combines nautical engineering and smart design. In 2016 EVO Yachts was awarded the emerging companies prize by Fondazione Altagamma, a pool of companies representing the Italian style worldwide.Today, EVO Yachts can count on an established shipyard, the know-how and entrepreneurial spirit of the Mercuri family, with a growing turnover and unparalleled stylistic and technological innovationA long tradition in shipbuildinOur shipyard is based near Naples, a city with a long history of shipbuilding. The artisans and workers at our shipyard are committed not only to perfectly shape our design idea, but to keep the tradition of Neapolitan shipbuilding alive.A distinctive idea of designFrom industrial design to Gran TurismoOur yachts draw inspiration from the designer’s imagination, where different worlds collide to create his unique idea of design. Fighters, GT cars, industrial and home design, science fiction have all played a part in our yacht design process.For the love of the seaOur yachts are designed to fit every moment of the average day at sea, enhancing the experience with unique design ideas that adapt to and address the owner’s needs.