Sacs Marine

Sacs knows the sea, in depth, since 1989. Over these thirty years, we have become leaders in the production of “maxiribs”, identifying and anticipating each technological and aesthetic evolution, and always aiming as high as possible.

Our mission is that of giving those who choose us the sensation of “driving at sea”, which for us means having such a deep mastery and confidence over our RIBs such as to enable us to challenge the waves together, like feeling at home.

Each Sacs RIB is made to measure according to the desires of the owner; personalisation is complete and each model unique in its way.

No detail is left to chance, no requirement overlooked, no expectation neglected. Each Sacs RIB reflects the tastes of the owner, just like a prestigious made to measure suit.

Evolution of design

Founded in 1989 in the province of Milan, within a few years, Sacs established itself as sector leader in the production and marketing of inflatables for pleasure boating.

This was possible thanks to the choice of excellence as a thread throughout all things,

the high expertise of professionals, the use of avant garde materials and technologies and, above all, an understanding of a new requirement: Combining the performance of a RIB with the comfort of a luxury yacht.

Our philosophy

Every Sacs RIB is designed for the water, this to be considered as a guiding principle for each of its details, created to bring alive to a full extent the element of the sea for those owners who choose us, emphasising its merits and making navigation a comfort zone.

We are aiming at a premium segment of the market, making innovative and unique products from the points of view of design, dimensions, character and performance.

Sacs today

From 2006, Sacs became part of the Laserline group - an entrepreneurial company with businesses spread around the fields of the automotive, electronics, computer technology and safety - of which it is the jewel in the crown.

Our vision has evolved over time and today it concentrates all the more on a market under continuous evolution, which seeks style, design, comfort and safety, and which is informed on its needs and its desire.

In 2016, Sacs launched the Rebel 47, the first of a series of RIBs, revolutionary and rebellious in shape and content. Designed to challenge convention, thanks to the use of technologies which had already been applied in the military and rescue services fields, the Rebel 47 is a unique design with out of the ordinary performance, for those who are never satisfied and want to challenge the sea - and themselves - one more time.

With Rebel 47, Sacs once more demonstrates its key role in the nautical market, asserting itself ever more as a unique company which knows the formula well for its own success.