Catamarans - Virtual Boat Show

The International Yachting Media's Virtual Boat Show was created as a tool for actual and potential boat owners to browse through a large virtual boat show and find their favourite boat. Among the various types of boats put on display in all their splendor, we could not but include catamarans.

The shipyards proposed are among the world's best catamarans manufacturers. A catamaran, you know, is a multi-hull vessel that, thanks to its particular structure, offers large spaces and maximum comfort on board, representing the ideal option to enjoy comfortable cruising experiences with family or friends.

Catamarans, in fact, enhance stability and comfort, recreating the environment of a large floating apartment. The indoor living area on the main deck, usually very bright thanks to the presence of panoramic windows, is the heart of a catamaran. Many models even include a flybridge, which allows to fully exploit the spaces even on the upper deck. Below deck, in addition to the master cabin positioned on the main deck, the night area is completed by additional cabins, distributed within the two hulls. Outdoor spaces are equally remarkable: in the stern, the cockpit is traditionally the coziest and most convivial area; in the bow, instead, the sundeck is usually the largest outdoor area and a place to relax.

The strategic distribution of both indoor and outdoor spaces and the high customization level are the main features of the catamarans built by the shipyards that have chosen the International Yachting Media's Virtual Boat Show as their online reference point. In this section, you will find all the descriptive and technical information of the most beautiful and cutting-edge catamarans of the market.

Furthermore, every single boat is clearly and exhaustively illustrated by our journalists through special articles accompanied by sea trials, virtual tours (which allow the user to explore the catamaran and better understand its aesthetic and functional peculiarities), amazing videos, evocative photos and links to the shipyards' official Instagram pages.

A special focus will be dedicated to the previews of the upcoming catamarans. In this regard, we will be always the first to "spoiler" the most interesting news in the panorama of motor-powered, hybrid and electric catamarans.

Potential owners have therefore the opportunity to discover first-hand the various catamarans models even before visiting them. Those who already have a catamaran, instead, can compare it with the more advanced one that is tempting them. In our Virtual Boat Show section, you will find your dream catamaran for a even more exciting navigation experience.