Boat Supply, Services and Marina

This section is dedicated to boat supply, yachting services and Marinas. The Virtual Boat Show was created as a tool for actual and potential boat owners to browse through a large virtual boat show and find their favourite boat, as well as all the accessories needed on board.

The section dedicated to nautical equipment is very wide and includes the world's most prestigious brands using the most advanced technology of the market. Many of them manufacture their products in-house, offering very large product portfolios.

Products range from technical and decorative marine lighting solutions to anchoring systems, from advanced stabilizers to windlasses, chargers, thrusters, manoeuvring systems and boilers. There is also a wide range of bronze, brass, chromed, nickel and aluminium accessories, anti-block valves, water intakes, drains, water depuration filters and fittings. Furthermore, if you are looking for a easy-to-wash and long-lasting decking solution for your yacht, synthetic teak, equally available in our Virtual Boat Show, is the best and most environment-friendly option for you.

Our selection of nautical equipment - clearly and exhaustively illustrated through special articles accompanied by amazing videos and photos - also includes engines. Here, you can find a wide range of reliable, powerful and efficient inboard, outboard and sterdrive engines, all designed to deliver excellent performance and cutting-edge technology. All the brands proposed make use of large service networks, widespread on an international scale.

Finally, a part of the section is dedicated to the marinas which, with great professionalism and expertise, provide nautical assistance service throughout the year, as well as guaranteeing comfortable berths for boats of all sizes.

On The International Yachting Media's Virtual Boat Show, potential owners have therefore the opportunity to discover the large world of nautical equipment while the most experienced ones can enrich their own boat with the most functional and suitable accessories for their needs. In short, there's everything you need to navigate in complete safety.